Study Abroad Program for English

Study Abroad Programs are offered twice a year. Summer sessions begin in July and go until the middle of August. Winter sessions begin in January and go until the middle of February. The courses are offered for elementary, middle school, and high school students who are not familiar with the English language. For students who wish to study abroad in America, this program will also help them improve their vocabulary skills. Information about applying to Y2 Academy is complementary. Throughout this program, students will be given a chance to visit prestigious colleges, famous tourist attractions, museums, etc to experience the many cultural aspects of America.

Visiting Prestigious Colleges

Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, MIT, Yale, Brown, Johns Hopkins

Famous tourist attractions

Philadelphia, PA: The Philadelphia Museum of Art, etc.

New York City, NY: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, etc.

Washington D.C.: The Smithsonian Museums, United States Capitol Building, The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, etc.


All of our instructors have English language certifications. Our teachers are English & education majors and some have acquired a certificate in ESL and SAT training.

Classes are separated into 3 different levels

The classes are divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and High Levels, depending on the students’ test scores. Each student must take placement tests that will be held at the beginning of the session. College level classes are offered separately.

Covered Materials

Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills will be covered in this program. For improvement, we use different textbooks for different skills. The textbooks will include not only ESL materials, but also, newspapers, novels, and magazines. Students will be required to write their impressions after a fieldtrip, and will then do a presentation on their writings. We believe that the continuous efforts in describing their experiences with Y2 Academy will improve their grammatical and writing skills.