2021 Spring/Summer Early Registration – $400 Tuition Discount – Live Lesson for SAT Test Prep on March/May College Board Tests – Enroll Now!

Y2 Academy opens SAT/ACT Test Prep for 2021 Spring or Summer course. It consists of 18 sessions, 8AM-4:30PM. This Test Prep Course proceeds 'Live Lesson' with subject by subject teacher for SAT Reading, Wring, or Math individually, or all those of ACT as well. Teaching staffs are well experienced SAT instructors who are all certified High School teachers or college professor/instructors with more than 10 years of SAT teaching experience.

This program is designed for students aiming high enough improving scores on upcoming College Board Test on March 13 2021 and/or May 8 2021.  This students also have benefits of Y2 SAT Score Guarantee Program - at least improving 320 points or minimum score of 1520 points on Official College Board Tests. If a student failed to reach the goal, he/she is able to continue to take Full Scale of SAT Tests by virtue of Y2 Online Test and Y2 Online Study until the guarantee score becomes realized. 

Give a man a fish, it feeds him for a day. Teach a man to fish, it feeds him for his life.


Y2 Academy Online System has received a Patent, issued by USPTO


       The Y2 Academy Online System has recently received a Non-Provisional Patent issued by the United States Federal Government. This 20 Year Non-Provisional Patent is a testament to Y2 Academy’s experience with the Online Learning System. As we strive towards educational excellence within a remote learning environment, we intend to uphold the same level of academic integrity and esteem as we have in the past. We look forward to working with you and your family to further your student’s journey towards higher education.

Details on our Official US Patent at USPTO(The United States Patent & Trademark Office):
1. Non-Provisional Patent: System Patent covering Wide Range & Details in deep as well.
2. To view the patent: > Patent > Patent basics > Search patents > Patent Number Search > input ‘10,679,512’ in Query > Images > Full Pages
3. The Y2 Academy Online System is protected from Copyright Infringement under this patent.
4. If a third party were to violate the privilege of this patent, they would be prosecuted under the infringement of Copyright. Y2 students are being provided with unique educational materials.
5. In the event that you would like to use the patent: Contact Y2 Academy Main Office at 300 Marlton Pike West, Cherry Hill NJ 08002, Phone: 856 888 2123, Email:

Online Test + Online Lecture + Online Study = The Perfect Solution


Y2 Academy has adapted to a Remote Learning System. Students will now be able to take exams and attend classes from their homes with monitoring from our Y2 Academy Staff. The Online Lectures will be recorded and ensures that students have sufficient access to educational materials, even in the case of an absence or just for replenishing purposes. At this present time, the Official ACT exam is scheduled to be administered remotely this September. We can predict that the College Board will follow this trend and also decide to administer the SAT exam on line as well. Regardless of any circumstance, Y2 Academy is fully dedicated to providing your student with the best educational experience possible.

  1. At present, Y2 students can do not only all tests online at home, but also live online lectures with teachers, and all subjects online homework.
  2. Absent students can replenish their test classes completely with time to spare through online tests and recorded remote online lectures according to a separate schedule.
  3. Students with insufficient understanding can clearly know the contents of the lecture by playing it back several times until it is understood through the recorded video.

Dilemmas under Conventional Paper-Base Study – Why Choose the Y2 Online Study System?


  1. Detection of Weak Areas: Y2 Online System caters to each student’s weakest areas to maximize improvement that is not as efficiently detectable within conventional paper testing programs.
  2. Instant Feedback: Y2 Online System provides students with instant feedback after their assignments to ensure that students will retain information effectively.
  3. 2nd trial: When utilizing paper copies and preparatory books, a second trial is not immediately available. Y2 Online System provides students with 2nd trials in their assignments .
  4. Automatic Report: Students are able to view their progress in the form of digital reports at any time they would like.
  5. FWA (Frequency of Wrong Answered questions): Y2 Online System provides students with frequency data on the questions they answer incorrectly. This is another way that students can personalize their learning experience to their needs and ensure their success.
  6. Quick Review: Y2 students are able to review their assignments with the correct answers to minimize repetitive mistakes and to address their weak areas.
  7. IMS (Individual Makeup Study material): Y2 Academy creates questions sets in response to the questions students answer correctly on the Y2 practice exams. This is yet another way students can gain practice improving on question types and categories that they struggle with most.
  8. Fast scoring of Test Results: Exams and assignment results are immediately available to students upon completion.

Comparison between Y2 Online Study vs. Paper Based Study:

Please view a comparison between Y2 Online Study and conventional Paper Based Study in terms of Material Accessibility, Test Results, Practice Tests as Homework, and Overall view.



How can Y2 Online System replace Conventional Paper-Based Study?



Y2 Academy’s New SAT Program supports students in achieving exceptionally high scores on their Official SAT Test and generates at least 200 SAT perfect scorers subject by subject every year. We guarantee a 320 point increase in their score or a minimum score of 1520 out of 1600. Their starting score comes from the first placement test taken before Y2’s SAT class and the final score comes from their Official SAT score taken when the semester has finished. As long a student has few or no absences and works diligently in class and at home we are confident that he or she will be able to reach their goal. If their goals are not achieved, students receive free tuition until their goal is ultimately reached in future semesters. We are proud that our SAT Prep Course is of the #1 & First SAT Score Guarantee Program in the country.

The ACT (American College Test) is an alternative standardized test for college admission candidates. The ACT includes science subjects such as earth science, physical science, and biology, as well as English (Reading and Writing) and Math. Therefore, most colleges accept ACT scores in place of SAT and SAT subject test (or SAT II) scores together. If a student achieves 32 out of 36 on his/her composite score, he/she would be qualified to apply for most of prestigious colleges. But if the goal is to attend Ivy League colleges or other top tier colleges, you may need a composite score of 33 out of 36, which is close to 740 point average for each subject on the SAT and SAT II. There are 6 tests a year in February, April, June, September, October, and December. All ACT testing dates are scheduled on different days from SAT testing dates. On the ACT test, students are permitted to use a calculator on the Math sections only.


Welcome to Y2 Academy

for SAT & ACT Test Prep Courses


Y2 Academy is the first #1 New SAT Score program that guarantees at least a 320 point increase or a minimum score of 1520. Learn from the most qualified faculties of the reputed SAT Prep Classes NJ. We also guarantee an ACT test prep courses score 6 point increase or a minimum score of a 34. SAT coaching classes assures that if the guaranteed score is not attained, free tuition is available for the following College Board New SAT Test or the ACT Test during the school year.

What makes Y2 Academy stand out?

Y2 Academy was founded in 1995 by Terry Yang. His educational goal was not only to strengthen the academic skills of students but also to motivate them to set higher standards for future success.

Y2 Academy uses patented methodology to prepare for the New SAT.

Y2 Academy has 20+ years of SAT coaching experience and has prepared thousands of students.

We select instructors with a rigorous screening process. Those hired have a history of very high SAT and ACT scores and outstanding educational credentials. This is a key to our success that our students can improve ACT & SAT score easily.

We provide easy to access to online materials aligned with the New SAT and the ACT.

We offer full-length practice New SAT and ACT tests. Join the SAT and ACT Test prep tutoring in Cherry Hill & learn the standards for a bright future.

We prepare individual study programs and provide required classroom instruction materials in subjects that need improvement.

Our only focus is to improve your score and enable you to realize your dreams of getting admission to a school of your choice. Call us to see what Y2 Academy can do for you!

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Our only focus is to improve your score and enable you to realize your dreams of getting admission to a school of your choice. Call us to see what Y2 Academy can do for you!