Registration Guide

Here you have ‘Registration Guide’ as the following:

<By Phone>

Please give us a call to one of Y2 Academy Centers where you are interested in. The contact phone number is shown under “Our Locations Near You’ in the main menu.

<By Online Contact>

Go to ‘Online Contact’ in the main menu and fill out the ‘Online Contact Form’ and click ‘Send’ at the bottom. In 24 hours, you will be contacted from the management of the Y2 Academy you want to enroll.

<Enrollment Decision>

If you decide to enroll SAT/ACT program at Y2 Academy, there are 2 options to enroll.

Visiting: you can stop by the Y2 Academy by appointment either ‘Phone’ or ‘Email’. Appointment is appreciated.

Mailing: you can print out ‘Registration Form’ under ‘Registration Guide’, fill out the form, and mail it out with your payment check to the location of the Y2 Academy you wan to enroll. The mailing address is shown under ‘Our locations Near you’ in the same main menu.