Overseas Study Agency

Y2 Academy was built in 1995 and is known as one of the best educational institutions in the Northeast U.S. Not only among Asians, but also among other Americans and students from every part of the world, Y2 Academy is known as a successful learning center. For instance, approximately 30 students who study at Y2 Academy each year make perfect scores on their SATs. Most of the students who maintain excellent grades will enter Top 30 colleges including Ivy Leagues.

The English language is becoming universal; consequently, many students from Korea and other parts of Asia wish to study abroad or are already here studying in the USA. Numerous educational institutions exist to help these students, but some are untrustworthy.  There are many cases where parents sacrifice their time and money with little reward.

Y2 Academy considers its trustworthiness and the maintenance of that trustworthiness as one of its top priorities. Y2 Academy researches and collects data to gain knowledge about middle schools, high schools, and college educational institutions.  We pride ourselves on quality and satisfaction.  Y2 Academy is here to help you by offering a reasonably priced education, without the worries of less established institutions, and with outstanding academic excellence.