Our Goals

Our mission statement:

It is our mission as educators to set our sights beyond the pursuit of high scores: to consistently meet and surpass the expectations of the students and parents with whom we work, and to instill in our students the self-discipline essential to be successful in today’s competitive society. Academic strength and ability is essential to excelling as a student, but success is achieved through the possession of additional qualities, such as intelligence, confidence, humility, and politeness. Through classroom encouragement, counseling, and positive reinforcement, we strive to imbue our students with these virtues, and in so doing, encourage their growth as confident and self-respecting individuals.

Here at Y2 Academy, we are particularly proud of our:

  • Well-chosen study materials, including: a wide variety of text books, practice work books, test materials, and other supplementary resources.

  • Our well-organized management system, which induces student motivation and fosters commitment to achieving their highest level of success.

  • After-hours tutoring: After the regular class is over, students have the option to seek help on any information with which they were having trouble during class. Upon request, he/she can come for extra help without any extra cost.