Enroll Now! Early Registration Tuition Discount $300 for Summer 2019 SAT/ACT until 2/22/2019 – $200 until 3/22/2019

Y2 Academy is offering a $300 Early Registration Discount for Summer 2019 SAT/ACT program until Feb. 22, 2019. Particularly, our Y2 SAT/ACT Score Guarantee Program is the first and #1 Score Guarantee Program either an increase of at least 320 points or a minimum score of 1520 out of 1600 perfect score on SAT. And at least 6 points increase or a minimum score of 34 point out of 36 perfect score on ACT.

On Oct. & Nov. College Board Test in 2018, six Y2 Academy students achieved perfect SAT scores of 1600, and more than 120 students received an 800 in 1 out of the 2 SAT subjects (Reading & Writing, or Math). If you are impressed by these results of our quality SAT/ACT program, please feel free to explore this website. In there, we describe our school and program in detail, and you can also access our Online Contact, Registration Guide, and Y2 Academy Calendar with Class Schedules.

SAT/ACT Summer 2019 starts from 7/8/2019 for 18 sessions while the class of each session consists of class time 8AM~4:30PM, which will be the best decision for your child who can achieve a satisfactory SAT/ACT scores on 2019 August through December either on SAT or ACT official Tests. Detail are on Course Registration Options under Registration Guide.