SAT Revolution! Score Guarantee a Minimum of 320 Point Increase or 1520 out of 1600

Y2 Academy is proud to announce an increase to the best score guarantee program in the nation. 

After analyzing the data from the official College Board tests of our students, we found that the average score increase was 364 points. Based on the success of our previous students, we are confident that students will receive a minimum of 320 point increase or a score of 1520 on the official SAT exam. 

Unlike other institutes, Y2 Academy has pioneered a unique Hybrid Study System which combines in-class lectures with online study materials targeted to the individual student’s weak areas. Thus, Y2 students are able to learn more effectively and efficiently which is why our students see greater score increases throughout the program.  

Their starting score comes from the first placement test taken before Y2’s SAT test prep class and the final score comes from their Official SAT score taken when the semester has finished. As long a student has few or no absences and works diligently in class and at home we are confident that he or she will be able to reach their goal. If their goals are not achieved, students receive free tuition until their goal is ultimately reached in future semesters. We are proud that our SAT Test Prep Course was one of the First and Best SAT Score Guarantee Programs in the country.