Fall 2015 Early Registration for SAT/ACT is available –$200 Off by 9/12/15.

Prior to  the start of the new semester, Fall 2015 Early Registration for SAT/ACT is now available for $300 off before or by 9/5/2015.  Afterwards, the discount rate will be reduced by $100 each week. The program includes all subjects of current SAT or ACT test prep course starting from 10/3/2015. Each course consists of 16 sessions on Saturdays from 8:30AM to 6:30PM.  Total number of class hours is at least 160 hours, not including make-up classes during the semester. This may be the most intensive and fruitful SAT or ACT course in the US for students who aim for a high SAT or ACT test score.

On the other hand, a test prep  for the New PSAT is  scheduled for 5 sessions on Saturdays starting from 9/12/2015. The New PSAT will take place in between Oct. 14th through Oct. 28th depending on the school district that the student belongs to. Early Registration Discount rate for New PSAT course is the half of SAT/ACT tuition discount during the period of the time it can be applied because New PSAT tuition is less than a half of SAT or ACT tuition.