Early Registration Tuition Discount $400 for Fall 2020 SAT/ACT Test Prep – Enroll Now!

Y2 Academy is offering a $400 Early Registration Discount for Fall 2020 SAT/ACT program until August 14, 2020. Particularly. Our Y2 SAT/ACT Score Guarantee Program is the first and #1 Score Guarantee Program either an increase of at least 320 points or a minimum score of 1520 out of 1600 perfect score on SAT. And at least 6 points increase or a minimum score of 34 point out of 36 perfect score on ACT.

SAT/ACT Fall 2020 starts from 1003/2020 for 18 sessions while the class of each session consists of class time 8AM~4:30PM, which will be the best decision for your child who can achieve a satisfactory SAT/ACT scores either on SAT or ACT official Tests. Detail are on Course Registration Options under Registration Guide.