2nd Orientation for students and parents on 6/02, 5PM

In order to support SAT students to achieve their score high enough and enter their aiming college successfully, 3 parties as students, parents, and Yale Academy should be cooperated. The orientation is planned to do so. The time and date of the orientation is as following:

Date: 6/02(Sat) 5PM~7PM (or 7:30PM)

Place: Local campus where student registered.

The orientation will take place in each campus of Yale Academy at the same time. But, there may be possible for a different schedule depending on the situation of each campus. To make sure of your attendance, please contact the office of each campus as soon as possible.

The orientation includes two main parts:

One is for introduction of Yale Academy Achievement system that parents and students should be aware of. For example, the presentation speaker will introduce what Yale Online Homework Check system and Test Result Analysis system are, and what students should do for them, and how parents support their child to reach his or her aiming SAT score successfully.

The other one is for college application process. It’s kind of brief seminar for information, preparations, strategies, etc. about college application.