2015 Summer SAT Class Starts July 6th – Enroll Now!

Y2 Academy Summer Course 1 starts July 6th!
The summer program offers five different levels of classes named: SAT P, Q, R, S, and T.
P class is aiming for 2400 perfect score.
Q class is aiming for 2200.
R class is aiming of 2000.
S class is aiming for 1800.
T class is aiming for 1600.
In order to decide which class is right for you, students must complete placement test before the start of classes. Therefore, if you are interested in enrolling in this program, you must register as quickly as possible to ensure you are placed correctly. You will be assigned to the proper level of class determined by the results of your placement test.
If a student is assigned to SAT Class P or Q, he/she will be guaranteed AT LEAST a 2200 on the October, November, or December SAT test.
If a student is assigned to SAT Class R, S, or T, do not be disappointed/concerned: there will be an opportunity to upgrade dependent on the results of future placement tests. There will be 10 placement tests, so there will be plenty of opportunities for success.
In the second half of the semester, we close the SAT S and T classes because our students are guaranteed to move up to the next level of classes. This is why it is VITAL to register soon, or else risk not being placed in the proper level SAT course.
If you would like to enroll in our summer SAT class, please contact one of our 12 locations. If you are unsure of where we are located, click the “Our Locations Near You” tab on the front page of the website to figure out which location works best for you. And click “Contact Us” and fill out the form and send it, you will be contacted in 12 hours.