Educational Objectives

  • It is our goal not only to strengthen the academic skills of students, but also to motivate students to set higher standards for themselves both academically and personally.

  • By providing a competitive nurturing environment, we encourage students to strive for success in all areas of their lives.

  • We will teach students be better equipped with the critical thinking skills that are necessary to achieve laudable grades in their schools and that they will be able to carry forward into their future careers.

  • We stress to students the importance of dedication, maturity, responsibility, and mastery in order that they will be encouraged and able to develop their capacity. It is our desire and sincerest hope that, having learned the values of these virtues, they will go on to make important contributions to our communities and our country in the future.

  • By hiring only the best certified teachers and placing appropriately high value on education and experience in an instructor’s background, we ensure that we are able to provide instruction for Y2 Academy students that is of the highest possible quality.