About us

Best ACT/SAT Test Prep Classes in NJ

Y2 Academy first opened in the Philadelphia area in 1995. With our unique approach to instruction and our SAT Score Guarantee Program— a program which originated with Y2 Academy— we are the best preparation school in the area for college entrance exams. Each year, at least one hundred Y2 Academy students received perfect scores, not only on the SAT test, but also on the SAT II, ACT, and AP tests. Because of their high scores, students at our academy have been presented with numerous opportunities, including attendance at each of the 35 top-ranked colleges in the United States. We credit our success with students to our exceptional online homework check system, our highly-organized curriculum management, and above all, to the continuous guidance and encouragement we give to our students. We foster a positive learning environment, in which we work with each individual student to establish—and, subsequently, meet—his/her goals. Y2 Academy teachers take a vested interest in each student, and work to educate them and improve their overall academic skills.