Selective Boarding Schools

Compared to any regular public or private school, boarding schools are outstanding in their curriculum, accomplishments, and percentage of college attendance. Most boarding schools are located in New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut and each of them has more than 100 years of history and tradition. The yearly tuition for a boarding school is approximately $40,000-$50,000. Furthermore, many children coming from wealthy family backgrounds prefer to attend these schools.

There is a lot of competition amongst students who wish to attend the top boarding schools. However, there are many benefits one can earn from attending these schools. For instance, it will certainly give an advantage for those who want to attend an Ivy League school. Since most students go on to play important roles in society after graduating from these boarding schools, one will have a better chance of interacting with people who can support the student in his/her future endeavors at these institutions.

These are the requirements: SSAT (90% and above), GPA (Top 10%), recommendation letters, interview.

For foreign students: TOEFL (100+ out of 120)