College Consulting

In order to matriculate at a top university or college, students have to study diligently from kindergarten to the 12th grade in high school. By being accepted in to one of the prestigious colleges, students are going to receive high recognition and praise. Furthermore, the top tier schools generally have the most endowments to provide scholarships and grants. Therefore, students can receive a private university education with less tuition expense compared to state colleges.

Top tier university students encounter a good environment, good professors, and good friends to go along with their college experience. After graduating, students have a greater chance of obtaining high paying jobs and students overall have better qualities of life. Unfortunately, this is not an easy process.

During the past 18 years, based on experiences and data, survey shows that even with outstanding SAT and GPA scores, students often failed to attend top tier colleges. In contrast, students with average SAT and GPA scores were able to attend prestigious colleges. Students that follow specific application instructions and have sufficient time are different from the students that are unaware of the application process or the students that procrastinate on their applications. Therefore, students should prepare for college studies no later than eighth grade.

  • Are there any problems with good students getting into good colleges?
  • Will average students be disappointed with high expectations?
  • Does your child know the requirements for certain universities?
  • Is your child more talented in unique fields than other students?
  • Do you know your child’s progress from 8-12 grade?

If you cannot find the answers then come and find the solutions at IVY Plus Membership at Y2 Academy’s college consulting program. Why try to tackle the complex process of college application when you can rely on the expertise of IVY Plus Membership Consulting.

What is Y2 Academy IVY Plus Membership?

Ivy Plus (8 Ivy Leagues + MIT + Stanford), Duke, Chicago, Johns Hopkins, etc which rank in the Top 25, and furthermore, the Liberal Arts Colleges like Amherst, Williams, Swarthmore, etc which rank among the Top 10 Colleges belong to the special category of the Top 45 Universities and Colleges. By enrolling in our year long program, your child will be a member of IVY PLUS membership and will have a better chance to receive a higher quality of education and the instruction to succeed.

What is Offered:

  • Seniors (12th graders)
    College searching, application, Early Decision + Action, essay, recommendations, interview training, resume writing, FAFSA application, scholarship applications, and negotiating the best deal between the accepted schools.
  • Pre-seniors (8~11th graders)
    Guidance on course selection (Honor, Regular, AP, IB), GPA Management, SAT I, II / ACT preparations, AP tests, college major selection, PSAT prep, PSSA, tutoring, winter/summer break educational plans, enhancement of special talents and skills, college selection, time management, summer reading list, essay writing practice, college topic brainstorming, enrichment exercises to challenge and remedial lessons for relearning.