New ACT Science Practice Tests

New ACT Science Practice Tests Format - Y2 Academy

The ACT Science Test is a 40-question, 35-minute test that measures the skills required in the natural sciences: interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problem solving.

You are not permitted to use a calculator on the ACT Science Test.

The test assumes that students are in the process of taking the core science course of study (three years or more) that will prepare them for college-level work and have completed a course in Earth science and/or physical science and a course in biology.

The ACT test presents several sets of scientific information, each followed by a number of multiple-choice test questions. The scientific information is presented in one of three different formats:

  • Data representation (graphs, tables, and other schematic forms)
  • Research summaries (descriptions of one or more related experiments)
  • Conflicting viewpoints (expressions of several related hypotheses or views that are inconsistent with one another)

The questions require you to:

  • Recognize and understand the basic features of, and concepts related to, the provided information
  • Examine critically the relationship between the information provided and the conclusions drawn or hypotheses developed
  • Generalize from given information and draw conclusions, gain new information, or make predictions

ACT Science Test Passage Formats(40 questions in 35 min.)

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